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Dell vCentre OpenManage Integration Plugin

I’ve been using a really smart VMware vCentre plugin called “OpenManage Intergration” which is produced and sold by Dell.  Basically this plugin is used to patch firmware items on the server like BIOS, Lifecycle controller, NICs, iDrac and PERC card.  The only issue I have come across at the moment is sometimes a job will fail stating that it is already scheduled.

[Firmware Update] File: R815_BIOS_F8FCX_WN32_3.0.5.EXE – Status: Failed – Message: iDRAC – A job for this update already exists in the queue and prevents the new job from being scheduled.

[Firmware Update] File: R815_BIOS_F8FCX_WN32_3.0.5.EXE, Status: Failed, iDRAC:, Host xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx, Recommended resolution actions: iDRAC – Delete the existing job before scheduling a new update job. For Remote Services API consumers, enumerate all the jobs to find and identify the duplicate job. Then invoke the DeleteJob() method to delete this job and enable the new update job to be scheduled

[Firmware Update] The state of update job for file (R815_BIOS_F8FCX_WN32_3.0.5.EXE) has changed from (NEW) state to (FAILED) state.

After a little research I discovered that you can clear the jobs down using WinRM by using the following commands:-

How to check for jobs

 winrm e cimv2/root/dcim/DCIM_LifecycleJob -u:$USERNAME -p:$PASSWORD -SkipCNcheck -SkipCAcheck -r:https://$IPADDRESS/wsman:443 -auth:basic -encoding:utf-8

How to delete jobs

 winrm invoke DeleteJobQueue “cimv2/root/dcim/DCIM_JobService?CreationClassName=DCIM_JobService
+Name=JobService+SystemName=Idrac+SystemCreationClassName=DCIM_ComputerSystem” @{JobID=”JID_CLEARALL”} -r:https://$IPADDRESS/wsman  -u:$USERNAME -p:$PASSWORD -SkipCNcheck -SkipCAcheck -encoding:utf-8 -a:basic -format:pretty



  • Larry R

    Do you know of any other way to clear job queue other than winrm command? Due to group policy/hardening I am unable to run winrm. I know with iDRAC7 you can use RACADM but I don’t believe that is available with iDRAC6 Express.

  • Yendis Lambert

    Hi Larry,

    You should be able to use RACADM command with the iDRAC6 Express but only SSH or Local, the remote option is not supported.

    Hope this helps.

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