MetaLUNs Explained

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The purpose of a MetaLUN is that a Clariion can grow the size of a LUN on the ‘fly’. Let’s say that a host is running out of space on a LUN. From Navisphere, we can “Expand” a LUN by adding more LUNs to the LUN that the host has access to. To the host, we are not adding more LUNs. All the host is going to see is that the LUN has grown in size. We will explain later how to make space available to the host. (more…)
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Storage performance – IOPS & Latency

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Storage I/O bottlenecks can have a big impact on virtual environments and can wreak havoc on the performance of the virtual machines within them. The guest operating systems and applications running inside VMs are constantly reading and writing to and from their virtual disks and anything that delays this can slow a VM to a crawl. Of all the resources a host manages, traditional storage devices are typically the slowest resource because they rely on mechanical spinning hard disks. In addition shared storage arrays are commonly used in virtual environments because of the many features that require shared storage and…
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