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As part of a security audit I needed a quick way to change the ESXi root passwords without having to go on to each server. I was looking for a script that would automate at least some of the work for me and I came across a script called Change-ESXiPassword.ps1 that was created by Jesse Gardner which I thought I would give a try.

After running the script and knowing it works fine I will be personally be running this every quarter.

This script:

  • prompts you for the old password
  • prompts you for the new password
  • prompts you for the vCenter server name
  • prompts you for vCenter credentials
  • Queries vCenter for all hosts that you wish. See “Host selection section” in the middle of the script to tweak what hosts it may find
  • Disconnects from vCenter
  • Connects to each host individually and changes the root password

Download the script HERE and give it a try.

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  • Amar

    Hello There,
    i am trying to use the esxi host password change script, None of the host selection option is returning anything back. I am running vcenter 5.5 and esxi 5.0. would like to run the script on one cluster at a time. Any help would be appreciated. thanks

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