Dell vCentre OpenManage Integration Plugin

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I've been using a really smart VMware vCentre plugin called "OpenManage Intergration" which is produced and sold by Dell.  Basically this plugin is used to patch firmware items on the server like BIOS, Lifecycle controller, NICs, iDrac and PERC card.  The only issue I have come across at the moment is sometimes a job will fail stating that it is already scheduled. [Firmware Update] File: R815_BIOS_F8FCX_WN32_3.0.5.EXE - Status: Failed - Message: iDRAC - A job for this update already exists in the queue and prevents the new job from being scheduled. [Firmware Update] File: R815_BIOS_F8FCX_WN32_3.0.5.EXE, Status: Failed, iDRAC:, Host,…
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Resetting a Dell iDRAC or DRAC card

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Sometimes the DRAC cards in Dell servers just seem to not respond or act up. If you still have CLI access to it, you can reset it a two different ways. If you are local to the machine, and it has OpenManage installed (OMSA), use this command to perform a soft-reset: c:racadm racreset soft It will acknowledge that it has completed and you have to wait a few minutes. If you are remote you need to have the DRAC tools installed, and credentials to use the command: racadm -r <ip address> -u <username> -p <password> racreset soft This will perform a…
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