Netbackup 7.5 – VMware Options short explained

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For people who use Symantec Netbackup as their backup client of choice (as I do) and running a VMware environment you will find the following information useful. Here is a short information about the Option available in Netbackup for VMware. VMware Credentials in Netbackup: Click Media and Device Management > Credentials > Virtual Machine Servers. Click Actions > New > New Virtual Machine Server. On the Add Virtual Machine Server dialog, enter the name of a virtual machine server (vCenter server or ESX server). Note: The credentials for ESX or vSphere client are needed that Netbackup can create and access the virtual machine Snapshots. VMware backup…
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Enterprise Vault Diagrams

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Whether your are an architect, engineer, admin or a general IT Manager, you will almost certainly have had the need to document or make drawings of your Enterprise Vault environment. This might be to explain EV to other colleagues in your organisation or just to make things clearer to yourself, we all a know a picture is worth a thousand words and of course a pictorial view of anything can sometimes be easier to understand. The following link has diagrams that show many aspects of EV from an architecture, network and general process flow points of view and are available…
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