Cisco UCS firmware update bug

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Just received an email from a peer in the industry (Gabrie van Zanten) which identifies an issue when upgrading UCS firmware.  I thought I would share as many companies I know run Cisco UCS. The Issue When upgrading the UCS firmware of your environment, some B200M4 blades may reboot spontaneously. Cisco Bug: CSCut61527 – B200M4 could reboot on shallow_chkpt when BMC returns invalid FRU data. This is the Cisco article. Affected firmware: 2.2(3) and 2.2(3a)A according to the KB. My upgrade was from 2.2(3c) to 2.2(3f). Resolution According to the KB this issue should be resolved in 2.2(3g)A.
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Cisco and VMware vlans

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I have recently had a requirement whereby I needed to allow multiple vlans on a single cisco switch port (as I was running out of available switch ports) because of a business need.  Our current Cisco environment was only setup to allow one vlan per switch port as it’s configured for “switchport access vlan” instead of trunking. Note: - Before making any changes make sure you have the relevant underlining vlan’s setup on your Cisco switches. This is a typical switch port config we have setup. As you can see the switchport will only have access to vlan 10 description Server Ports  switchport access vlan 10…
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