EMC Clarrion faulting devices

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Whilst doing a physical inspection of our datacentre today I noticed that we had multiple disk enclosures indicating an amber warning light.  After checking Navisphere (and after picking myself up of the floor) I noticed the following errors. As you can see from the diagram six disk enclosures had faulted. (more…)
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MetaLUNs Explained

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The purpose of a MetaLUN is that a Clariion can grow the size of a LUN on the ‘fly’. Let’s say that a host is running out of space on a LUN. From Navisphere, we can “Expand” a LUN by adding more LUNs to the LUN that the host has access to. To the host, we are not adding more LUNs. All the host is going to see is that the LUN has grown in size. We will explain later how to make space available to the host. (more…)
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