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Citrix Sharefile and ADFS 2.0 SSO

I’ve been using Sharefile for about a year now and always wanted to integrate it with ADFS for Single Sign-on using my Active Directory credentials.  After much research and a great arcticle I found, I managed to get it all up and running.

As the arcticle was a great help to me I thought I would share the link


Enjoy !!


  • Alex C

    Only thing I’m hung up on in the article is this part:

    At this point you should be able to test the configuration. You must create a DNS entry for the ADFS service identity, pointing to the ADFS server you’ve just configured, or a network load balancer if you’re using one.

    How did you handle DNS?

  • ybel

    Hi Alex,

    I basically created on my external DNS records an A record for adfs.domain.com which pointed to the public IP address assigned to my adfs server. I then created a NAT on my firewall and rules which routed internet traffic which hit the external IP to the internal IP of the adfs server for the specific port 443 only.

    Hope this helps

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