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Symantec NetBackup and PureDisk appliances

This may be off topic but I thought I would cover it anyway as a colleague of mine found the information very useful.  We had a faulty 1TB disk (in slot 16) which needed replacing but looking at the front of the appliance there was no indication/labels to give us a clue as to location of  slot 16.  We trawled the internet for hours and finally came up with the following diagrams that perhaps one day may help you out and save you many hours of surfing.

Following tables show the location of hotspare disks and data disks in different models of Symantec NetBackup and PureDisk Appliances as seen through the front panel:

5000, 5020 and 5200 appliances:


5220 appliances:


Note: 2 disks containing the Operating System are in-built and not shown in the above display.

5220 appliances can be expanded by adding Symantec Storage Shelf to the Base Unit shown above.

After troubleshooting of any disk is complete, you recommend that you set the hotspare disk to hotspare state as shown above, although it is possible to leave any disk as data disk and any disk as hotspare disk. This is also to avoid any confusion when this is later viewed by anyone else.

It also has to be noted that the number of disks in hotspare state should be maintained as shown above to avoid any further disk failure and data loss situation.


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