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xenThis post will guide you through installing Citrix Xenserver 6.2 on VMware Workstation 10.  The guide will consist of 3 sections:-

  1. Create the Virtual Machine
  2. Installing Xenserver 6.2
  3. Managing server with Xencenter

1 – Create the Virtual Machine

First we create a VM clicking on the ‘Home tab’ and selecting ‘Create a new virtual machine’ create-xs-vm-1 We then make sure the ‘Typical’ is selected create-xs-vm-2 Choose ‘Installer disc image file (iso)’ Click ‘Browse’ and select the Xenserver 6.2 ISO file. create-xs-vm-3 Now select ‘VMware ESX’ and make sure the Version is ‘VMware ESXi 5’ create-xs-vm-4 Enter a description and location for your VM create-xs-vm-5 Select ‘Store virtual disk as a single file’ and make sure the storage is more than 16 GB (which is recommended by Citrix) create-xs-vm-6 That’s it your done creating a VM create-xs-vm-7

2 – Installing Xenserver 6.2

Power on your Xenserver 6.2 VM


Xenserver will now boot into the installation, select your keyboard layout

Xenserver 6.2-2014-04-16-22-20-05

Click ‘OK’

Xenserver 6.2-2014-04-16-22-21-05

Accept ‘Citrix End User License Agreement’

Xenserver 6.2-2014-04-16-22-21-25
Now because I am installing Xendesktop later I have selected the ‘Enable thin provisioning’ but you don’t have to.

Xenserver 6.2-2014-04-16-22-22-24

Select ‘Local media’

Xenserver 6.2-2014-04-16-22-22-39

Select ‘No Supplemental Packs’

Xenserver 6.2-2014-04-16-22-22-55

When installing I  would always recommend ‘Verify installation source’

Xenserver 6.2-2014-04-16-22-23-11

 Click ‘OK’ on the confirmation of integrity

Xenserver 6.2-2014-04-16-22-23-37

Now enter a complex password for the Xenserver root user

Xenserver 6.2-2014-04-16-22-24-00

 In most cases I would always recommend assigning static address details

Xenserver 6.2-2014-04-16-22-24-43

Specify a hostname and enter your DNS server details

Xenserver 6.2-2014-04-16-22-26-28

 Select your Time Zone

Xenserver 6.2-2014-04-16-22-27-32

 Select your city or area

Xenserver 6.2-2014-04-16-22-27-32

Select how you want the time to be set. In production servers I recommend using an ‘NTP’ server but for my LAB I am using ‘Manual time entry’

Xenserver 6.2-2014-04-16-22-28-01

 Select ‘Install Xenserver’

Xenserver 6.2-2014-04-16-22-28-20

The installation will now proceed

Xenserver 6.2-2014-04-16-22-28-44

 After the installation is complete because I selected manual time entry all I need to do is confirm the date and time are correct

Xenserver 6.2-2014-04-16-22-32-05

That’s it click ‘OK’ and the server will reboot

Xenserver 6.2-2014-04-16-22-32-18

 Nearly there – still loading…

Xenserver 6.2-2014-04-16-22-33-02

That’s it all complete – now on to Xencenter…

Xenserver 6.2-2014-04-16-22-35-20

 3 – Managing server with Xencenter

After you have installed Xencenter from your start menu or desktop click to launch Xencenter


Now select ‘ADD’ a server


Enter the IP address (or name) and the root credentials


This next screen I select ‘Save and restore server connection state on startup’ click ‘OK’


Now my new server will be added, you can see that the server is healthy and I can now go on to add storage and build vm’s


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