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Slight change in “restart” behavior for HA with vSphere 5.0 Update 1

Although this is a corner case scenario I did wanted to discuss it to make sure people are aware of this change. Prior to vSphere 5.0 Update 1 a virtual machine would be restarted by HA when the master had detected that the state of the virtual machine had changed compared to the “protectedlist” file. In other words, a master would filter the VMs it thinks had failed before trying to restart any. Prior to Update 1, a master used the protection state it read from the protectedlist. If the master did not know the on-disk protection state for the…
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vSphere 5.0 HA restarting of VMs with no access to storage?

I had a question today around the restart of VMs with no access to storage by HA. The question was if HA would try to restart the VM and time out after 5 times. With the follow up question, if HA would try again when the storage would return for duty. By default HA will try to restart a VM up to 5 times in roughly 30 minutes. If the master does not exceed it will stop trying. On top of that HA manages a “compatibility list”. This list will contain the details around which VM can be restarted and…
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Cool tool update: RVTools 3.3 released!

Rob de Veij just published RVTools 3.3. I know many of you are using it and I definitely suggest downloading the latest version! RVTools has been downloaded more than 100.000, so definitely worth checking out if you had not so far! Here are the changes in this release: Version 3.3 (April, 2012) GetWebResponse timeout value changed from 5 minutes to 10 minutes (for very big environments) New tabpage with HBA information On vDatastore tab the definition of the Provisioned MB and In Use MB columns was confusing! This is changed now. RVToolsSendMail accepts now multiple recipients (semicolon is used as separator)…
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